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ViaTalk News and Announcements

Whitelabel Reseller Live 12.01.06

White label reseller services are now live for business and residential customers. Sign up today!

VT White Lowers Pricing 11.15.08

VTWhite has lowered all package pricing to match ViaTalk's new pricing making it even easier for you to make money!

Coverage Area Expansion 10.31.09

We have expanded our coverage areas to 200 new markets offering even more opportunities for you to resell our service.

Private label voip reseller - be your own voip RESELLER!

VT White Private Label VoIP Solutions enables companies like yours to quickly and inexpensively capitalize on the booming internet phone revolution. Partnering with VT White allows you to increase your bottom line by generating extra recurring revenue from your current and future client base by reselling branded VoIP to them, without the technical, logistical and regulatory headaches associated with providing the service on your own. You provide the customer, and we provide the rest! Contact a VT White Private Label VoIP sales executive today and be selling VoIP to your customers in days!

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ViaTalk White Label Program

Partnering with a trusted name ensures your brand's integrity remains intact, while increasing your per-client profit margin. VT White's branded voip reseller solutions can easily be incorporated into your current marketing plan with no increased cost, providing your company with additional recurring revenue.

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